Lessons From 5 Years of Free Cybersecurity For At-Risk Groups

Cloudflare’s Project Galileo, which offers free high-tier DDoS protection service to journalists, dissidents, civil liberties groups and other at-risk groups, turned 5 years old this week. From a report: The project currently serves over 600 accounts. An LGBT protection group in the Middle East, for example, does important work on a shoestring budget and cannot possibly afford to block the outsized number of attacks it could face from governments and even citizens. Project Galileo isn’t the only commercial cybersecurity service offered to at-risk groups, but it is one of the first and the most successful. “Project Galileo originally started from a failure to live up to what was originally our mission to make a better internet,” Cloudflare CEO Matthew Prince told Codebook. Further reading: Cloudflare’s Five-Year Project to Protect Nonprofits Online (Wired).

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