Business Continuity

Backup systems should be part of your business's broader disaster recovery strategy.

Your business may also have critical pieces of equipment which, if they fail, will cause the business to standstill. Sometimes there can be a significant lead times for such equipment, so large parts of your business may suffer for days while sourcing replacement parts, and/or commit you to an immediate and very expensive complete system rebuild because waiting for parts is not an option or parts are not available.

WA IT can help you do an assessment of the value of such equipment failure, to determine if it is worth having spare critical components on hand. In many cases we can 'rent' you the availability of such equipment, where we charge you a reasonable monthly fee to keep this equipment permanently on hand for you. Just another insurance policy we offer.

Hopefully you're not reading this page because you have just lost years worth of financial data after a Cryptolocker infection.

If it is the case that you have been targeted by ransomware (or something similar) then we can help.

WA IT has fast-response data recovery services. At our branch locations we can run hard drive diagnostics and perform Level 1 data recovery on drives with minimal damage, or for accidental file deletions.

If the drive has sustained significant damage, then we have at our disposal access to one of the best data recovery centres in Australia.