Cloud Solutions

Cloud Services & Migration

Ready to join the digital age? Cloud migration is the key! Transform your digital assets, services, databases, IT resources, and apps to the cloud, either fully or partially. Migrating from one cloud to another? No problem.

Virtualisation Solutions

Tired of physical constraints when it comes to computing, storage, networking, servers, or applications? Virtualization is the solution! By creating virtual versions of the real thing, virtualization allows multiple virtual environments to run on the same physical system. So, break away from physical limitations with a virtualization solution!

SharePoint Consulting

Let WA IT handle the SharePoint nitty-gritty so you and your team can focus on what you do best! We'll plan, develop, and deploy SharePoint-based solutions that maximize your ROI - experience the WA IT difference!

Data Centre Services

Need reliable data center services? We provide facility-related components and activities that guarantee a safe and efficient data center. Our secure environment allows for processing, storage, networking, management, and the distribution of data within your enterprise. Make sure your data is safe and accessible.