About Us

Here's why you can rely on WA IT Services

Since its establishment in 2003, WA IT has specialized in network and managed services, helping businesses boost efficiency through cloud-based solutions. We prioritize developing lasting relationships, offering an experienced team that supports a wide range of systems and services from SBS servers to cloud infrastructure.

Thanks to word-of-mouth advertising, we have grown to serve over 120 small to medium sized businesses. With our comprehensive hardware background, we are capable of designing, building, and implementing the best-suited servers, workstations, and peripherals, while also providing support for both the network and the hardware. We provide the whole package with our growing web service and VoIP expansions. Our mission is to give small and medium-sized businesses access to full-time IT support without a full-time price.

Proven track record
Technical Expertise
Business Experience


At WA IT, we understand the struggle that small to medium businesses face when it comes to IT maintenance and support. We provide IT solutions that target these companies who are large enough to benefit from a centralized services and equipment service but do not have the resources to hire a full-time technician. With clients based in the Perth Metro area, as well as in regional WA, Asia, the United Kingdom, and the USA, we're proud to offer reliable, cost-effective IT solutions to businesses everywhere.


At WA IT, we prioritize strong ethical practices in our business. We know how important honesty and fairness is for customers when it comes to the services we provide and strive to establish trusting relationships with them. We never make our customers commit to lock-in contracts; if they’re happy with us, then we know they will continue to use our services! We are the industry leaders for superior customer service and it makes us proud to have so many of our customers become close friends as well. We are passionate about what we do and the relationships we have created in the process.

Giving Back

At WA IT we believe in giving back to those who need it most. We've partnered with Compassion to support children in a village in Uganda for several years now and it is the highlight of our philanthropy journey.

In addition to this, WA IT supports Surf Life Saving, Christian Blind Mission and the Wheelchair Association with donations, discounted services and assistance whenever possible. We are also strong advocates of local not-for-profit institutions such as Interchange and WA Individualised Services and are proud to do whatever we can to contribute to the greater good.