From a comprehensive standpoint, our vCIO service offers strategic IT consulting and management services to organizations to clients. This service acts as a senior IT advisor, helping companies make informed decisions about their technology investments and operations. We work closely with the executive team to align IT with business goals, create an IT roadmap, manage budgets, provide cybersecurity solutions, and more. We will provide the expertise of an executive-level IT professional without the high costs and commitment of an in-house employee.

IT Infrastructure Planning

Strategic IT Infrastructure planning is a process of determining the best methods for IT to meet the needs of an organization while enhancing service levels and reducing expenses through the selection of equipment, applications, and personnel.

IT Capital Expense Planning

Organizations use capital expenditure planning to compare their long-term goals and needs in order to strategically invest in assets that will help them achieve their growth objectives.

Strategic Business Planning

An IT strategic plan provides businesses with a blueprint to guide their IT decisions and help them to achieve their corporate strategy and objectives.

IT Security, Governance & Risk Management

IT Security, Governance, and Risk Management are essential for any organization in order to protect assets, manage risks, and comply with regulations.

Internet Facing Deployment

Ensuring applications, websites, or services on a server that is publicly accessible over the internet have the required additional security measures and considerations, such as firewalls, load balancers, and web application security tools, to protect the server from unauthorized access and attacks.

Managed Cloud Services

Managed cloud services from WA IT can reduce costs, increase scalability and flexibility, and improve performance and reliability for organizations, allowing them to focus on their core business operations.

Business Process Improvement

Business process improvement is the process of identifying, analyzing, and improving existing business processes to maximize efficiency, productivity, and quality. It involves reviewing and re-engineering processes to find areas for improvement, eliminating unnecessary steps, and streamlining processes to reduce costs and improve outcomes.

Backup Implementation & Monitoring

Backup implementation and monitoring go hand in hand since having a backup system in place is only useful if the backup is performant and reliable in case of data loss or system failure