System76’s Supercharged Linux-powered Gazelle Laptop is Finally Available

The System76 Gazelle laptop is finally available. From a report: What makes this laptop so special (besides its pre-installed Linux-based operating System), is its impressive specifications. You see, System76 has supercharged it with a 9th generation Intel Core i7 Processor (9750H) and NVIDIA GTX 16-Series Graphics. It even has something the pricey MacBook Pro doesn’t […]

Japan Outlaws Flying Drones While Drunk

Operating a drone in Japan while drunk could lead to a year in prison thanks to new legislation. From a report: The law, passed by the country’s parliament this week, seeks to rein in growing use of the unmanned aerial vehicles. Those found to be intoxicated while flying a drone could also face a fine […]

Google Promises To Play Nice With Ad Blockers (Again)

An anonymous reader shares a report: After being ripped to shreds by angry users, Google engineers have promised this week that the upcoming changes to Chrome’s extensions system won’t cripple ad blockers, as everyone is fearing. Instead, the company claims that the new extension API changes will actually improve user privacy and bring speed improvements. […]