AMD Is Working On a Monster 64-Core Threadripper CPU, Landing As Early As Q4 2019

AMD is preparing a monstrous 64-core/128-thread Threadripper CPU for launch in Q4 2019. “AMD’s largest HEDT processor right now is the W2990X which tops out at 32-cores,” reports Wccftech. “This is nothing to sneeze at and is already the highest core HEDT part around but because the world can’t get enough of these yummy cores, AMD is planning to launch a 64-core version in Q4 2019.” From the report: The platform is called X599 right now although I am told AMD is considering changing the name to avoid confusion with Intel. This is not really surprising since both Intel and AMD HEDT platforms have the same nomenclature and it can get really confusing. I am also told that they they plan to retain the “99” suffix. AMD is planning to launch the 64-core Threadripper part and the corresponding platform in Q4 2019. In fact, that is when you can expect these motherboards to start popping up from various AIBs.

Now my source did not mention a new socket, so as far as I know, this should be socket compatible with the existing TR4 motherboards and only a bios update should be needed if you already own one. What I don’t know right now is whether this is a 14nm part or a 7nm part. Conventional wisdom would dictate that this is a 14nm part trickling down from their server space, but who knows, maybe the company will surprise all of us? This is pretty exciting news, because knowing AMD, the 64-core Threadripper CPU will probably be priced in the $2500 to $3000 range, making it one of the most affordable workstation processors around with this many threads.

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